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The Software ABC Programming with PHP and JavaScript

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There is very little that can not be expressed on the Internet with the help of the  PHP programming language: The free Software is suitable for programming dynamic web applications and websites. It has been continuously developed since 1995, and can be embedded in HTML and allows the integration of data.

Equally important is the JavaScript programming language, which was also developed in 1995. This language is particularly suitable for responsive pages and those, the programs of which are as manageable as possible and should react quickly. Image or video files also benefit from JavaScript as well as the quick and easy data entry for orders or reservations.

Development with Expertise

Numerous developers and programmers - worldwide - are working with PHP and JavaScript on a daily basis. Also the experts of the marketing and communication agency TEXTNetzwerk are part of this team. They have many years of experience with these programming languages and know how  to ideally combine both of them so that a website not only reacts quickly and intuitively, but it is also slim and appealing. 

Another advantage is the variety of possible applications such as app or website, shops, large databases, order forms, the integration of video sequences and much more. Even mini-games, which are playable on the site, can be realized easily. Each solution is basically individual and tailored to the respective needs. This applies to entire portals as well as to smaller additions to an existing page or to apps that merely complete the online offer.

Timely and affordable implementation

Reliable service providers in this field are characterized by the fact that they not only have the appropriate technical know-how, but can also implement the requirements placed on them without a long delay and at affordable prices. TEXTNetzwerk, for example, co-operates with internationally experienced freelancers worldwide. This decentralized method of working allows the subsidiaries to be kept compact and to pass on the resulting cost savings directly to the customers.

Suitable solutions for every need

In most cases, the PHP and JavaScript programming languages are sufficient to develop the desired product. However, if required, many other programming languages and tools can be used to implement ideas one-to-one. For special challenges, it may even be necessary to develop customized solutions.

Mehr Umsatz durch Digitalisierung

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Dank der Digitalisierung lassen sich zahlreiche Abläufe in Unternehmen, Bildungseinrichtungen und Behörden verschiedenster Art vereinfachen und verschlanken. Digitalisierung betrifft nämlich nicht allein das produzierende Gewerbe oder die Forschung, sondern zum Beispiel auch

  • Gastronomiebetriebe
  • Hotels
  • Schulen inklusive Hoch- und Volksschulen
  • Hausverwaltungen
  • Büros

Wir nehmen eine Bedarfsberatung vor und zeigen Ihnen, inwieweit Sie mit einfachen Mitteln die Arbeit für Ihre Mitarbeiter und die Interaktion für Ihre Kunden angenehmer gestalten können, etwa unter Einsatz von Cloudlösungen, Datenbanken und PDF-Formularen.
Moderne und flexible Lösungen sind die richtige Antwort auf die Anforderungen der sich wandelnden Arbeitswelt: Sie erlauben es den Mitarbeitern auch, eine gesunde Work-Life-Balance zu etablieren. Sprechen Sie uns einfach an – Optimierung ist immer möglich.

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